Baby Development Course

Mindful Moments Baby

Our Baby Development Course is a wonderful way to support your baby’s early development while enjoying an exciting range of much loved activities together! This course doesn't just focus on one activity, instead it includes:


Massage/gentle touch for baby
Baby Yoga Stretches
Baby Calming Tips
Songs and Rhyme
Tummy Time
Gentle Adult Stretches and Mindful Movement
Breathing Exercises
Guided Relaxations


These sessions are inspired by Mindful Parenting techniques and also by the Montessori ethos which you will see reflected throughout. Join us in a relaxed, calm environment without the distractions, hurry and stress of the outside world. Spend Mindful Moments bonding with your baby, ‘being’ together and learning skills you can enjoy together at home!

The benefits to babies are plenty and include; stimulating experiences to help development of new synapses in the brain, improved social, cognitive, emotional and physical development, communication skills and more. Parents will hopefully feel more relaxed, confident and supported by our friendly environment.

Attendees will receive electronic handouts, with information about mindful parenting and self care for parents


Suitable from age 6/8 weeks to approx 5 months.