My Mental Health Rocks in the Community

My Superpowers Rock! Wellbeing Course for Kids

 We are proud to be the sole provider of the amazing My Mental Health Rocks Curriculum in the North West and we can't wait to bring it to you and your child!


These strengths-based workshops are fun, engaging and support your child to thrive! Designed especially for primary aged pupils we will enjoy activities, crafts and games that will help them to:

  • Uncover their natural 'Superpowers'; Resilience, Confidence, Calm, Creativity and Wisdom.

  • Understand what our mental health is and how it supports us every day.

  • Understand how we can sometimes feel  a bit disconnected from our mental health

  • Understand how our state of mind can affect our decision making and behaviour.

  • Understand the nature of our emotions and that they're ok!

  • Understand that we are all unique and have our own unique thoughts about life.

  • Understand that people experience emotions differently.


The My Mental Health Rocks programme has been successfully delivered in schools across the UK and has featured on ITV and BBC during Mental Health Week. It's founders recently helped to create the CBeebies Your Mindful Garden app.

Mini Wellbeing Workshops

for Kids

We're excited to share these My Mental Health Rocks Mini Workshops with you and your child! Just like the longer My Superpowers Rock! course, these strengths-based sessions will support your child's mental health and wellbeing and support them to thrive. 


Mini Workshops cover a range of topics and can also be commisioned for private groups. 

  • Back to School / Coming out of Covid-19 Workshop 

  • "My Tummy Feels Funny" - Thriving Through Anxiety Workshop

  • Liverpool Girls Rock! Workshop

  • Why do People Bully? Workshop

  • Thriving Through Change Workshop 

  • Celebrating Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshop

  • I am Resilient! Workshop

  • My Superpowers Rock! Workshop 

  • Jumping up to Juniors! Supporting Transitions Workshop 

  • Moving Up! Supporting Transition Transition to High School Workshop 

  • I'm Not Scared of SAT's! Workshop 

  • Happy and Healthy Relationships! Workshop 

  • Self-Love & Acceptance Workshop 

  • Finding My Happy! Workshop

  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop 

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem Workshop 

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour Workshop

Special Events

Watch our blog or social media pages for news of special events!