About Us

We Love Wellbeing!



We’re a Liverpool based Community Interest Company promoting health & wellbeing for all families & children, irrespective of social or other barriers. We run a whole host of workshops, classes, activities & events, provide information & build community - We are Strengthening Wellbeing Together!

So, what types of activities do we offer?


Well, loads! From Wellbeing Workshops, to Positive Pyschology Art to Kid's Yoga, we have something to help support your baby or child's Wellbeing & Mental Health.

We want the kids in our community to thrive & we want to face the current mental health crisis head on.

Our approach is positive & strengths-based with a focus on empowerment & on our abilities & innate 'superpowers'.


But there's more...We don't just work with children, we also support their caregivers too, including parents & teachers. We believe that creating a strong foundation of wellbeing in children & those who care for them, is imperative in developing a happier, healthier society for all.

Why not join us in making a positive change today!


Meet Our Team

Jacob, age 4

 "I liked doing breathing with feathers cos they're colourful & they floated"



Summer, age 8

"We've all got these special superpowers inside us that help us any time in our life"

Lois, age 7

I like the way it teaches you about your mental health & it teaches you to feel calm & I just really, really liked it"

Alice, age 10

I think it's good doing art & craft activities & these ones are really good because they have a positive message"


Founder & Wellbeing Mentor



Early Years Expert


Marketing Support


Super Sam

Resident Puppet