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Women's Wellbeing

Wellbeing Workshops in Liverpool

Women's Wellbeing Workshops

If you're looking for engaging workshops to support your wellbeing and mental health, look no further! We offer a range of workshops for women in the community - many of which are fully-funded or subsidised. Examples include;

- Character Strengths for Wellbeing

- Gratitude for Wellbeing

- Resilience & Growth

- Self-Compassion

- Managing Stress & Anxiety

- Mindfulness

- Coping with Exam Stress

- Digital Wellbeing & Relationships


Check our upcoming events or contact us to discuss holding our workshops at your setting.

Sitting in a cafe

Women's Wellbeing Cafes & Groups - Coming Soon!

During our Women's Wellbeing Cafes and groups we'll gather in cosy cafes or community spaces to prioritise self-care, forge connections, and embrace being


Women will come together to support one another, explore various aspects of wellbeing, and cultivate a sense of empowerment.

Join us for meaningful conversations, laughter, and moments of reflection as we navigate life's journey in a warm and welcoming environment.


Whether you're seeking inspiration, company, or simply a peaceful break from the daily hustle, our Women's Wellbeing Cafés offer a haven where you can nourish your soul and thrive alongside like-minded women.

Wellbeing Coaching Liverpool

One-to-One Wellbeing Support for Women

Would you benefit from one-to-one support to improve & maintain your wellbeing? We offer positive psychology coaching that will help you to understand your strengths, build resilience, challenge your mindset, experience growth, achieve goals, deal with stress and ultimately experience improved wellbeing. Sessions are facilitated by Nicola,  a qualified positive psychologist (MSc) who will work collaboratively with you, helping you to identify and move towards achieving your desired goals. 

Check and book slots at the button below - and get started on your journey to flourishing today! 


n.b. this is not psychotherapy or counselling but we can point you in the right direction if you're looking for talking therapies

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