Positive Art

Positive Psychology Art

Introducing our fantastically fun Positive Psychology Art workshops! 

These sessions are understandably well-loved by kids (and grown-ups too!).

Combining elements of positive psychology and art therapy activities., they help to improve children's self-esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing,

The therapeutic benefits of arts & crafts - from reducing anxiety to helping process emotions - are well researched. Positive Art goes even further. Here's why:


  • We use age appropriate breathing exercises and relaxation techniques                       

  • We use fun, engaging, research-based positive art activities which are designed for kids                        

  • We discuss the idea of being mindful while we create                  

  • We talk to children about their innate 'superpowers' such as resilience & creativity                       

  • We touch on topics such as the thought-feeling connection and let them know that all feelings are ok                                                  

  • We empower children to explore their amazing creativity, we promote self-expression and more!

But most importantly, we enjoy ourselves and have a great time...!

Schools & Nurseries

We run Positive Art Workshops in schools, nurseries, clubs & other settings

Sessions in the Community

We run Positive Art Sessions for kids at venues in Liverpool. Join us with your child

Watercolor Stain
Watercolor Stain