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Happy Crafts Workshops

Happy Crafts For Kids

Introducing our fantastically fun Happy Crafts workshops! 

These sessions are understandably well-loved by kids (and grown-ups too!).

Combining elements of positive psychology and art therapy activities., they help to improve children's self-esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing,

The therapeutic benefits of arts & crafts - from reducing anxiety to helping process emotions - are well researched. Positive Art goes even further. Here's why:


  • We use age appropriate breathing exercises and relaxation techniques                       

  • We use fun, engaging, research-based positive art activities which are designed for kids                        

  • We discuss the idea of being mindful while we create                  

  • We talk to children about their innate 'superpowers' such as resilience & creativity                       

  • We touch on topics such as the thought-feeling connection and let them know that all feelings are ok                                                  

  • We empower children to explore their amazing creativity, we promote self-expression and more!

But most importantly, we enjoy ourselves and have a great time...!

Schools, Nurseries & Holiday Activities

We run Positive Art Workshops in schools, nurseries, clubs, holiday & half-term settings & more

Sessions in the Community

We run Positive Art Sessions for kids at venues in Liverpool. Join us with your child. Check our calendar to see upcoming events.

Watercolor Stain
Watercolor Stain
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