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Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga for Wellbeing

We love yoga!

Join us with your baby or child at one of our popular classes in the community - or speak to us about running sessions in your school, nursery or setting.

The physical & emotional benefits of yoga are well known; improving flexibility, strength, body awareness and coordination as well as well as boosting confidence and self-esteem. 

Yoga and mindfulness provide an opportunity to slow down and live in the present moment. A wonderful skill to carry through life, that's why we deliver it from the youngest age!

The best thing though is that it's so much fun! Our baby & children's sessions include music, songs, poems, puppets, games, props & more.


We offer a whole host of options, take a look:

Schools & Nurseries:

  • Kid's Yoga sessions in schools, nurseries, clubs & other settings.

  • Wide variety of engaging session types to support your pupils' health & wellbeing.

  • Can be tailored to your requirements.

  • Relaxing, mindful sessions or more active PE based session.

  • Class topic themes, storybook themes, our exclusive multisensory 'Yoga Phonics' sessions available for EYFS and more.

  • Sessions include breathing exercises, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

  • Sessions support children's physical health and mental wellbeing.

  • Can be delivered outside

  • Can be combined with our other services; Wellbeing Workshops and/or Positive Art

  • Experienced, trained teachers with enhanced DBS



  • Popular Kid's Yoga sessions at fantastic venues in Liverpool!

  • Sessions support your child's physical health and mental wellbeing. Promotes a healthy lifestyle.

  • Fun and engaging sessions including songs, music, rhyme, sensory activities & fun props to support learning.

  • Classes include warm ups, yoga stretches, breathing techniques, mindfulness and relaxation.

  • Our sessions are fun and aimed at children so often include themes, stories or our exclusive Yoga Phonics scheme.                                         



  • Popular Baby Yoga sessions at venues in Liverpool.

  • Baby Yoga improves a baby's physical development and can improve sleeping patterns, aid digestion & relieve colic.

  • Improves social & communication skills.

  • Fosters emotional attachments between baby and carer.

  • Friendly, welcoming classes with experienced teachers.

  • Classes include warm up massage, yoga inspired stretches, breathing techniques for you and relaxation for you both.

  • Songs, music, rhyme, sensory activities & fun props to support early learning.

  • Learn valuable skills to practice at home.

  • Enjoy a precious bonding experience with your little one.

  • Gentle stretches for you.


Check here... 

Yoga in Schools, Nurseries & Holiday Clubs

We run Kid's Yoga sessions in schools, nurseries, clubs & other settings. We have a variety of engaging session types to support your pupils' health & wellbeing. Can be tailored to your requirements.

Kid's Yoga Classes

We run popular, fun Kid's Yoga classes in venues across Liverpool. Including Storybook Yoga, Yoga Phonics & more...! 

Check our Events Page & join us!

Baby Yoga Classes

Our ever popular Baby Yoga classes run in venues across Liverpool. Spend time having fun & bonding with your baby!

Check our Events Page and join us!

Links to Adult Yoga Sessions

We have teamed up with fully qualified & experienced external adult yoga teachers. We are proud to be able to provide links to their amazing online yoga classes here. Why not start today!

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