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Happy International Day of Happiness! Free Resources

Today is #InternationalDayofHappiness 2022 - this day was started back in 2012 by the United Nations General Assembly. The theme for this year is #BuildBackHappier

It’s fair to say that the world is facing difficult challenges right now. Sometimes it can feel frustrating and hopeless, especially when it seems like there’s not much we can do as individuals to help.

But what if we could play even a small part in building back happier? The organisation Action for Happiness suggest we could help spread happiness and contribute to building a more compassionate world by; Sharing Positive Messages, Connecting with People and Giving Directly (if you can) to causes that help people in crisis.

Of course, in order to share compassion and spread happiness it’s kind of important that we treat ourselves with that same compassion and care. This can be tricky if it’s not something we're really used to doing! Here at Strengthening Wellbeing Together we think it’s a great idea to teach kids (and their grown-ups) ways, proven by research, to improve their own happiness, resilience, self-compassion and wellbeing. Maybe then, in the future, we can really Build Back Happier!

As a start, we‘ve attached two free resources for children to enjoy with their grown-ups or with their teachers in school. Give these a go today and join us in our mission to strengthen wellbeing together 🌈

Download PDF • 269KB

Download PDF • 107KB

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